The mirrored aluminium sheet china has many advantages of simple, stylish, generous and resistant to oil. So it is used in home decoration, and the effect is quite beautiful, and it is very popular. Mirror aluminium sheet has beautiful metallic luster and looks bright and new at any time. Besides, among the home appliance such as.. read more →

The embossed aluminum sheet used in the refrigerator evaporator is the orange peel aluminum sheet. The orange peel stucco aluminum sheet is subjected to pressure processing to form a pattern similar to orange peel pattern on the surface of the aluminum sheet coil. This series of products have good heat conduction and heat dissipation due to the particularity of the orange.. read more →

27 Jul 2018
July 27, 2018

Color coated aluminum sheet coil

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Pe coated aluminum sheet coil and PVDF coated aluminum sheet coil are the most common used color coated aluminum sheet coil in the market. They have similarities and differences, the topic of this article is about Polyester/PVDF coated aluminum coil. The polyester resin of Polyester(PE) coated aluminum sheet coil use polymer monomer containing ester of in.. read more →

Many customers prefer to choose china stucco aluminum sheet manufacturers owing to the superior quality and low cost. The patterns of stucco aluminium sheet have classic orange peel, insect striate, water drop, rhombus, hammer grain, bean grain, cobblestone lines, wave pattern, carvings and hemispherical pattern. The embossed stucco aluminum sheet are widely used in construction, packaging,.. read more →

The 7000 series aluminum is the strongest material in 8 series aluminum alloys. In particular, the 7075 aluminum plate is a super-hard aluminum, which is the ideal material for manufacturing aircraft. The price of 7075 aluminum is relatively higher than pure aluminum, so it is generally used for aviation. 7075 aluminum covers the advantages of 7000.. read more →

China aluminum mirror sheet products have good performance in the field of decoration and in the manufacture of industrial production and parts. The aluminum mirror sheet manufactured in china factory has higher value for money for the high quality and low price. The most important factors that affect the quality of aluminum mirror sheet is about the.. read more →

The china 5a06 aluminium sheet is a grade of aluminum-magnesium alloy with medium strength, good cutting performance and beautiful surface after oxidation treatment. The magnesium content of the 5a06 aluminium sheet is the highest among the commonly used 5000 series aluminium sheets, so it has the best corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the marine field. The 5s06 aluminium sheet will not.. read more →

When pure aluminum and aluminum alloys are processed into plate and strip products, the whole process is called one processing. The processed plate and strip products are called semi finished products. If further reprocessing, it is called deep processing. Such as processed stucco aluminum sheet, aluminum tread plates, aluminum circles, special-shaped panels, colored plates, composite.. read more →

The application of polished aluminum sheet is very broad, mainly for lighting reflectors and lighting fixtures, solar heat-collecting materials, interior decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliances panels, electronic products, automotive interior and exterior decoration, signs, bags and so on. Nowadays, there is a new type of curtain wall material which is made of high-quality mirror polished.. read more →

There are many trusted embossed aluminium sheet manufacturers in China, and Haomei aluminum is one factory of them. The embossed aluminium sheet processed by Haomei is with low density, high tensile strength, high elongation and good thermal conductivity. 1060 pure aluminium and 3003 aluminium alloy are the commonly used grade for process embossed aluminium sheet. The.. read more →