Many customers prefer to choose china stucco aluminum sheet manufacturers owing to the superior quality and low cost. The patterns of stucco aluminium sheet have classic orange peel, insect striate, water drop, rhombus, hammer grain, bean grain, cobblestone lines, wave pattern, carvings and hemispherical pattern. The embossed stucco aluminum sheet are widely used in construction, packaging, air conditioning, refrigerator, evaporator, solar energy, and can also be used in power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants for anti-corrosion and insulation, etc.

china stucco aluminum sheet manufacturers

At present, the aluminum grades use in stucco aluminum sheet manufacturers are 1000 series of 1060 aluminum, 3000 series of 3003 aluminum. In the refrigeration industry, 3003 rust proof stucco aluminum coils sheet are usually used as the base material, while the orange peel embossed aluminum coil sheet used for pipeline insulation and packaging is usually 1060 aluminum. The surface of stucco aluminum sheet can be processed bright finish or mill finish for reflect the light, due to this feature, the stucco embossed aluminum can also used in lighting and decoration industry. To china stucco aluminum sheet manufacturers, the embossing equipment adopts high precision rollers to enhance the stucco pattern, thus the produced embossed aluminum sheet has better performance and reputation.