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Mirror reflectorized aluminum sheet refers to aluminum sheet which has the mirror reflective effect treated by rolling, grinding and other methods. It is widely used in lighting reflectors and solar collector. The mirror reflective aluminum sheet has 1050, 1060, 1100 and 3003 aluminum alloy. The thickness is 0.2-0.8mm, and the reflectivity is higher than 85%. Reflective.. read more →

Plain aluminium sheet has been one of the most raw material for many industries with factory applied. Here are the main introduction of the plain aluminum sheet from 1000 series to 7000 series. 1000 series: Aluminum content more than 99.00%, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and welding performance, low strength, no heat treatment strengthening. Application range.. read more →

10 Jan 2019
January 10, 2019

Dnv approved aluminum plate 5083

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Marine grade aluminum plate are applied in processing large boats, yachts and other ships,and dnv approved aluminum plate 5083 is professional anti-rust aluminum plate. Compared with other industries, marine industry pay more attention to safety and quality in many aspects. Therefore, marine grade aluminum plates with excellent performance can be applied to more ship factories. Through.. read more →

07 Jan 2019
January 7, 2019

Aluminum sheet for boats yachts

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Aluminum sheet for boats yachts usually use 5052, 5053 and 5086 aluminum alloy, for ocean boat and yacht, 5086 and 5083 aluminum are applied, for fresh water boat and yacht, 5052 is applied, the most common used product is 5083-h116 aluminum sheet plate. Special aluminum plate for boat belongs to 5000 series al-mg-si alloy, which has wide application range, good corrosion resistance,.. read more →

Color coated aluminum sheet panel price on the market is depends on the application industry. At present, the color coated aluminum sheet market is dominated by the construction industry and the food and beverage industry. The rapid development and industrial upgrading of transportation, electronic appliances, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries provide a broader development space for.. read more →

27 Dec 2018
December 27, 2018

5083 aluminum plate for fishing boat

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5083 aluminum plate for fishing boat in the typical product of marine grade aluminum plate. The temper of 5083 aluminum alloy indicates the processing method of material, internal structure and mechanical properties. Generally, in the hull structure of the fishing boat, 5083 H116 aluminum plate is adopted. 5083 aluminum alloy products are the core products which have been greatly promoted.. read more →

Aluminium sheet for mold 5052, 6061 and 7075 are widely used in 80% of different mold industries such as injection molds, blow molds, low pressure molds and rubber molds. With the development of the market, super-hard aluminum has replaced steel in the market as the main material for mold processing. Mold aluminum has significant advantages over.. read more →

24 Dec 2018
December 24, 2018

Aluminium plate marine grade 5083 series

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The aluminium plate marine grade 5083 belongs to the 5000 series aluminum magnesium alloy, it has the light weight, the good plasticity, the corrosion resistance and the processing ability, and the good comprehensive performance. 5083 aluminum plate alloy is mainly used in the processing of products such as molds, ship plates, decks and fuel storage tanks. With.. read more →

Aluminum drill entry sheet, also known as aluminum sheet for PCB, mill finish aluminum plate for pcb, are commonly used for insulation plates for printed circuit board. The aluminum alloy commonly used for drill entry aluminum are 1100 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate, the temper is H18, the common thickness is 0.125-0.24mm, the width is 1244/1245mm,.. read more →

The mirror finish aluminum sheets are applied to the lamps and lanterns in the early age, especially commercial lighting, such as grille lamp, bracket lamp, outdoor lamp, floodlight, spotlight, aquarium lamp, etc. The mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet price on the market is related to the surface quality and reflectivity. The main role of mirror finish.. read more →