27 Jul 2018
July 27, 2018

Color coated aluminum sheet coil

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Pe coated aluminum sheet coil and PVDF coated aluminum sheet coil are the most common used color coated aluminum sheet coil in the market. They have similarities and differences, the topic of this article is about Polyester/PVDF coated aluminum coil.

color coated aluminum sheet coil

The polyester resin of Polyester(PE) coated aluminum sheet coil use polymer monomer containing ester of in the main chain as bond, adding alkyd resin, based on the gloss it can be divided into series of semigloss and glossy. The pe coated aluminum coil sheet has good gloss and smoothness, and good texture and feel, make the products has more administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling. At the same time, polyester coated aluminum coil sheet coating can adapt to the outdoor ultraviolet light, the wind rain attacks for durable using. PE coated aluminum sheet coil is baking by professional roller with polyester paint. Colour and lustre is beautiful, and variety, the choose is convenient. Color difference is small, high impact resistance, easy processing, various performance reaching or higher than the national standards. Products are widely used in the facade and interior decoration, smallpox gusset plate, roof tiles, wall, advertising signs, counter interior and exterior decoration, household appliances furniture, car body cruise, etc.

PVDF coated aluminum sheet coil’s fluorhydric acid base in the chemistry of fluorine/carbide alloy key combination, the performance is more stable, the product has superior wear resistance, impact resistance, especially in the extreme weather and climate, has fade resistance for a long time, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. So we can say PVDF coated aluminum sheet coil has better weather-ability and wider applicability than Pe coated aluminum sheet coil. According to the current level of technology, the assurance of high quality PVDF coated aluminum coil sheet can reach 30 years. At the same time, due to its high wear resistance, impact resistance and flexibility, make the products have excellent mechanical process properties, coating color plate can be embossed after processing. PVDF color coated aluminum sheet coil is the good choice for high-grade aluminum-plastic panel materials, the composite products are widely used in airports, convention and exhibition center, administrative center, star hotels and other city landmark building curtain wall decoration.