09 Aug 2021
August 9, 2021

Colorful Coated Aluminum Coil

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The surface treatment of colorful coated aluminum coil mainly includes spraying, rolling and laminating. With the development of science and technology, new surface treatment processes od color coated aluminum coil continue to emerge. Spraying: It is made by spraying colorful paint on the surface of aluminum coil and then drying it. The color distribution of a good spraying.. read more →

Color coated aluminum sheet panel price on the market is depends on the application industry. At present, the color coated aluminum sheet market is dominated by the construction industry and the food and beverage industry. The rapid development and industrial upgrading of transportation, electronic appliances, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries provide a broader development space for.. read more →

At present, the specific application of colored sheets of aluminum in public buildings is extensive, mainly including the roofing system, the curtain wall system, the ceiling system and the interior decoration. Among them, the most famous and we can see is the roofing system. As far as the development is concerned, there are various types of new.. read more →

Everybody know that, the quality of the coated aluminum sheet in stock is directly related with the processing technology. Nowadays, on the market, the roll coating and powder coating are the common seen process method of the color coated aluminium. Between them, the roll coating method can ensure high quality of the final product. The surface.. read more →

In recent years, colored aluminum sheets have received more demand in the industrial industry. Whether it is used as a material for door and window or decorative handicrafts, it is very competent, and aluminum metal also accounts for a large amount of reserves compared to other metals. Therefore, the construction industry, the electronics industry and lighting.. read more →

The pe color coated aluminum sheet factory can supply high quality coated aluminum for wall decoration and roof. The polyester coating formed by multiple baking of the surface of the aluminum sheet can form a solid continuous film which is firmly adhered to have decorative decorative properties. It is an anti-UV ultraviolet coating. Compared with PDVF color.. read more →

27 Jul 2018
July 27, 2018

Color coated aluminum sheet coil

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Pe coated aluminum sheet coil and PVDF coated aluminum sheet coil are the most common used color coated aluminum sheet coil in the market. They have similarities and differences, the topic of this article is about Polyester/PVDF coated aluminum coil. The polyester resin of Polyester(PE) coated aluminum sheet coil use polymer monomer containing ester of in.. read more →

Due to the color coated aluminum sheet has advantages of both the aluminum sheet itself and the surface coating material, it has high mechanical strength, toughness, easy to processing, and other outstanding performance as rich colors, decorative, corrosion-resistant, easy for punching, bending, deep drawing, welding and other processing. Haomei Aluminum engaged in the production development and technology.. read more →