Color coated aluminum sheet panel price on the market is depends on the application industry. At present, the color coated aluminum sheet market is dominated by the construction industry and the food and beverage industry. The rapid development and industrial upgrading of transportation, electronic appliances, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries provide a broader development space for the application of color coated aluminum products in the future.

color coated aluminum sheet panel price

Due to its light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, weather resistance and other characteristics, color coated aluminum sheet is suitable for the ceiling system and outdoor curtain wall system of commercial buildings. With the rapid development of economy, the ceiling system, outdoor curtain wall system and interior decoration system of high-end hotels are widely used with excellent physical and chemical characteristics and decorative color coated aluminum sheet panel. With the constant material requirements improvement of the building decoration field, because of the color coating steel has poor anticorrosion performance, easy to rust, serious impact on the structure of the whole beautiful, color coated steel is gradually replaced by color coated aluminum with strength, and can overcome the shortcomings of color steel and at the same time have a long effect weathering.

Color coated aluminum sheet panel is suitable for ceiling system, roofing system, curtain wall system and interior decoration system in airport and railway station. The development of subway light rail, railway station and airport will drive the development of related decoration market, so as to continuously expand the market demand for color coated aluminum product.