At present, the specific application of colored sheets of aluminum in public buildings is extensive, mainly including the roofing system, the curtain wall system, the ceiling system and the interior decoration. Among them, the most famous and we can see is the roofing system.

colored sheets of aluminum

As far as the development is concerned, there are various types of new roofing systems, including metal roofing systems, new corrugated roofing systems, single-layer coil roofing systems, and planting roofing systems. Among them, the color coated aluminium sheet roofing system has been increasingly applied to modern large-scale buildings due to its light weight and convenient construction. Colored aluminum roofing panels have a service life of up to 30 years and are attractive in terms of building shape, structure and colour, making them ideal for schools, public buildings, commercial buildings, civil buildings and industrial buildings.

Compared with other materials, colored sheets of aluminum has obvious comparative advantages such as easy disassembly and maintenance, strong plasticity, easy recycling and strong weather resistance. The main factor affecting its use is that the price of aluminum is a little higher than other building materials. Therefore, aluminum is mainly used in high-end buildings. In the future, with the increasing supply of aluminum and the improvement of production technology, colored aluminum sheets will be used more and more in the field of public buildings, and the application ratio will be further improved.