There are many friends find the price of PVDF coated aluminium sheet and the price of PE coated aluminium sheet are different. From the product name, we know they are both belongs to the color coated aluminum sheet and the two coated aluminum are the most common used on the market. In fact, PVDF fluorocarbon coated aluminum sheet and PE polyester coated aluminum sheet are different from specifications, applications and raw coating material.

coated aluminium sheet

We can see that PE polyester and PVDDF fluorocarbon should be two chemicals, and it is true that polyester and fluorocarbon are both paints materials used for the surface coating of aluminum sheets. The surface of the high-quality PVDF color coated aluminium sheet should have a strong metallic luster with a clear color and a strong three-dimensional effect. PE polyester coated aluminum sheet is used for interior wall decoration, warranty for 5-10 years without discoloration, conventional thickness is 1.5-2.5mm. While PVDF fluorocarbon coated aluminum sheet is used for outdoor roofing and exterior wall decoration, the thickness is 2.5mm -4mm. The simpler method to distinguish them is to see it is applied indoor or outdoor decoration. The surface requirements of coated aluminium sheet are uniform, smooth, no leakage coating, shrinkage, scratching, peeling and other obvious defects.