01 Nov 2021
November 1, 2021

Wholesale Coated Aluminium Sheet

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Wholesale coated aluminium sheet meets the people’s requirements for building curtain wall decoration materials with environmental performance advantages. People’s demand for coated aluminum sheet increases, and the orders of color coated aluminum sheet manufacturers also increase. With the rapid development of construction industry, it has effectively promoted the development of the coated aluminium sheet industry. Wholesale.. read more →

Everybody know that, the quality of the coated aluminum sheet in stock is directly related with the processing technology. Nowadays, on the market, the roll coating and powder coating are the common seen process method of the color coated aluminium. Between them, the roll coating method can ensure high quality of the final product. The surface.. read more →

In recent years, colored aluminum sheets have received more demand in the industrial industry. Whether it is used as a material for door and window or decorative handicrafts, it is very competent, and aluminum metal also accounts for a large amount of reserves compared to other metals. Therefore, the construction industry, the electronics industry and lighting.. read more →

There are many friends find the price of PVDF coated aluminium sheet and the price of PE coated aluminium sheet are different. From the product name, we know they are both belongs to the color coated aluminum sheet and the two coated aluminum are the most common used on the market. In fact, PVDF fluorocarbon coated.. read more →