China aluminum mirror sheet products have good performance in the field of decoration and in the manufacture of industrial production and parts. The aluminum mirror sheet manufactured in china factory has higher value for money for the high quality and low price. The most important factors that affect the quality of aluminum mirror sheet is about the production process. If the production process of the mirror aluminum sheet product is analyzed, it can be divide into rolling and polishing.

china aluminum mirror sheet

Rolling is the first technique used to make the original raw material appear as aluminum sheet appearance. By using this technology, the sheet can be flattened. At the same time, if this technology is passed, the material can be stretched, and the thickness and length can reach a certain standard. Therefore, it is possible to prevent deformation during deep processing and in the future.
Polishing, this is a more critical production process. Through such a processing, we can see a smooth, mirror-like sheet product, which is the origin of the name of the aluminum mirror sheet product. The effect of polishing is to make the original unevenness board to be smoother, and the surface of aluminum sheet is polished like mirror.