The mirrored aluminium sheet china has many advantages of simple, stylish, generous and resistant to oil. So it is used in home decoration, and the effect is quite beautiful, and it is very popular. Mirror aluminium sheet has beautiful metallic luster and looks bright and new at any time. Besides, among the home appliance such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., as well as the bottom of the car, we can find the application of aluminium mirror sheet, because it has good anti-rust function, the use time has been greatly extended.

mirror aluminium sheet china

Mirror aluminium sheet has two specific classifications, namely anodized mirror aluminum sheet and electrostatic spray curtain wall aluminum sheet. Among them, the anodized mirror aluminium sheet is worthy of recommend and plays an important role in construction. Many well-known buildings and sports events are the applied areas, because the high-end metallic color, the oxidation surface is perfectly combined with the interior. During the process of use, there is no need to worry about the unsafe factors, and the material is environmental, no poison gas will be released. The various products made with mirror aluminium sheet china have been treated with advanced technology, the appearance has increased, and there are also anti-corrosion properties. These advantages have been recognized by engineers and are favored by many consumers.