Mirror aluminum not only brings the beauty brought by decoration to us in daily life, but also plays an important role in improving the reflection performance in lightening industry. Thus, the mirror aluminum sheet factory supply aluminum mirror as light reflector in lamps. Mirrored aluminum reflectors have been used in the lighting industry for more than.. read more →

The mirrored aluminium sheet china has many advantages of simple, stylish, generous and resistant to oil. So it is used in home decoration, and the effect is quite beautiful, and it is very popular. Mirror aluminium sheet has beautiful metallic luster and looks bright and new at any time. Besides, among the home appliance such as.. read more →

The application of mirror polished aluminium sheet is constantly being carried out with continuous development of technology. With the level improvement of peoples life, there are many new applications of mirror aluminium sheet, and the colored aluminum mirror sheet is one kind of them. The color aluminum mirror sheet has better decoration effect than ordinary mirror.. read more →

Mirror aluminium sheet can be used for upgrade the modern level in kitchen space. Today, with the continuous improvement of living standards and material requirements, people no longer pay attention to the degree of practicality in the decoration, and more people have begun to pay attention to the aesthetics of furniture. Kitchens and bathrooms as important.. read more →