The china 5a06 aluminium sheet is a grade of aluminum-magnesium alloy with medium strength, good cutting performance and beautiful surface after oxidation treatment. The magnesium content of the 5a06 aluminium sheet is the highest among the commonly used 5000 series aluminium sheets, so it has the best corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the marine field. The 5s06 aluminium sheet will not produce sparks in collision, so it is often used to produce pressure vessels that require strict fire protection. Aluminium sheet 5a06 can also be used to produce automobiles and subway light rails.

china 5a06 aluminium sheet

Haomei Aluminum is one of the best china 5a06 aluminium sheet suppliers, with years experience, we find that the most usually used temper of the 5a06 aluminium sheet is H112, which means strengthening hardness state. The mechanical properties of 5a06 aluminium sheet H112 are:
To the sheet thickness > 4.5-10mm, the tensile strength ≥ 315MPa, the yield strength ≥ 155MPa, the elongation ≥ 16A (%);
To the sheet thickness >10-25mm, the tensile strength ≥ 305MPa, the yield strength ≥ 145MPa, the elongation ≥ 12A (%);
To the sheet thickness >25-50mm, the tensile strength ≥ 295MPa, the yield strength ≥ 135MPa, the elongation ≧ 6A (%).