30 May 2019
May 30, 2019

Marine grade aluminum plate 5083

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The marine grade aluminum plate 5083 is one of the most common used aluminum alloy products in the field of marine shipbuilding. Other marine grade shipboard building products such as 5086, 5052, 5383, 5454 and other alloys are also representative products of 5000 series marine aluminum plates. Among them, 5083 marine grade aluminum plates are the.. read more →

Drill entry aluminum substrate sheet for pcb are applicable to the PCB process drilling, which has good thermal conductivity and can quickly remove the heat generated during drilling. The aluminum sheet for pcb drill entry is aluminum sheet 1100 H18 with thickness of 0.14-0.18mm. Aluminum drilling entry sheet can prevents the deformation of the drill bit.. read more →

Aluminium sheet for pilfer proof caps 3105 8011 H14 has thickness of 0.16-0.23mm, which is widely used in pp caps for cosmetic and beverage. Aluminum alloy pp cap materials are a new type of cap sealing material, which not only has the characteristics of being beautiful and easy to open, but also has the function of.. read more →

1100 3003 brushed aluminium sheet for sale has the characteristics of light weight, fast heat dissipation and beautiful appearance, it has been widely used in many fields. The most common application of brushed aluminium sheets are aluminum composite panel in building, construction, home applicable, mobile phone shell and decoration. So, why is the brushed aluminum sheet.. read more →

Light reflective aluminum sheet 98 is aluminum mirror sheet 1050 1060 1100 3003 with high reflectivity reach to 98% in lighting industry. The highly reflective aluminum mirror sheet usually has a special performance of more than 80% of visible light and a reflectivity of more than 80% of infrared light, and is widely used in the reflector of.. read more →

Anodized sheet aluminum have been increasingly used in daily life, and their functional and decorative requirements are also increasing. The anodized film of the aluminum sheet plate has a unique honeycomb structure, and can utilize its strong adsorption ability, and then obtains various vivid colors and improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the film.. read more →

Aluminum sheet suppliers in China – Haomei are specialized in produce high quality 1060 1100 3003 5052 6061 aluminum sheet plate for industrial use. As an aluminum sheet manufacturer, if we want to produce good quality aluminum sheet product, the quality of the aluminum material is also very important, so how to judge the quality of.. read more →

The pvdf aluminum sheet price is a little higher than that of pe coated aluminum sheet because pvdf coating has longer service life and better weather resistance in exterior. The PVDF color coated aluminum sheet 3003 3004 3105 are usually applied in construction (aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum roofing sheet, fireproof panel, aluminum ceiling,.. read more →

Aluminium alloy plate 2000, 5000 and 6000 series with light weight, high strength, good tensile properties are applied in automotive industry. With the increasing demand for energy saving and consumption reduction in the society, the lightweight of automobiles is the development direction of the current automotive industry. The aluminum alloy plates have many advantages such as.. read more →

5052 aluminum plate suppliers in China Haomei can produce 5052 aluminum alloy for mold, cans, shipbuilding, electrical appliances shell, home appliances and auto parts. Most of the molds are mostly made of medium-thick aluminum plate 5052 alloy. Compared with the previous casting molds, aluminum molds have a long service life and do not fall off, the service.. read more →