Light reflective aluminum sheet 98 is aluminum mirror sheet 1050 1060 1100 3003 with high reflectivity reach to 98% in lighting industry. The highly reflective aluminum mirror sheet usually has a special performance of more than 80% of visible light and a reflectivity of more than 80% of infrared light, and is widely used in the reflector of lighting fixtures, and needs heat insulation and heat preservation (such as cold storage, refrigerator) and other places.

light reflective aluminum sheet

Light reflectors made of reflective aluminum mirror sheet can be used in hotels, shopping malls, exhibition centers, offices, train cars, etc. The reflective aluminum sheet not only greatly improves the quality of environmental lighting, but also has significant energy-saving effects. The illumination degree of mirror reflective aluminum sheet is increased by 25%-30% respectively than ordinary white paint reflector and aluminum plate anodized reflector, which has obvious power saving effect, and the light source has a sense of luxury. The reflective aluminum mirror sheet 98% installed in cold storage, refrigerators, greenhouses, and insulation equipment will achieve the desired energy savings.


Haomei can supply the light reflective aluminum sheet 98% 0.2-2mm with the surface gloss, ductility and reflectivity in line with customer requirements. We can also provide aluminum mirror sheet with color film to protect the surface quality.