1100 3003 brushed aluminium sheet for sale has the characteristics of light weight, fast heat dissipation and beautiful appearance, it has been widely used in many fields. The most common application of brushed aluminium sheets are aluminum composite panel in building, construction, home applicable, mobile phone shell and decoration. So, why is the brushed aluminum sheet has wide application?

brushed aluminium sheet for sale

1, brushed aluminum sheets is classic fashion and rich in color
Brushed aluminium sheet has rich color and soft metal texture, so more and more metal shells use drawing process to achieve the effect of beauty and practicality.

2, delicate brushed texture, different aesthetic
The brushed pattern is delicate and fashionable, applied to the building and decoration to make the metal matte light and fine hair silky luster.

3, easy to clean, anti-aging
Compared with the traditional products, the anti-aging time of brushed aluminium sheet for sale is 6-8 times, the drawing texture is obvious, the hand feel is strong.


The application of the brushed aluminium sheet for sale is very extensive, and can be applied to various industries such as signs, mobile electronic devices, household appliances, buildings, and decoration. The color of the brushed aluminium sheet is also very rich, and there are various colors such as natural color, black color, rose gold, fog white, stainless steel, gold, and the like. Different industries can choose brushed aluminium products with different surfaces.