Drill entry aluminum substrate sheet for pcb are applicable to the PCB process drilling, which has good thermal conductivity and can quickly remove the heat generated during drilling. The aluminum sheet for pcb drill entry is aluminum sheet 1100 H18 with thickness of 0.14-0.18mm. Aluminum drilling entry sheet can prevents the deformation of the drill bit when it is drilled down, so that the drilling accuracy is kept good and the surface of the board is prevented from being burred.

aluminum substrate sheet for pcb

Aluminum sheet for pcb 1100 has suitable hardness and good stiffness, which can prevent burrs on the surface of the board during high-speed drilling. Because the 1100 aluminum sheet has high stiffness and good elasticity, and no burr is generated. The requirement for aluminum drilling entry sheet of the printed circuit board is that it has a certain surface hardness to prevent burrs on the upper surface of the drilled hole. But it should not be too hard and wear the drill bit. The larger the thermal conductivity, the better, so that the heat generated during drilling can be quickly taken away, and the temperature of the drill bit when the hole is drilled can be reduced to prevent the drill from annealing. Drilling entry sheet for pcb must have a certain rigidity to prevent the plate from vibrating during the lifting, and it must have a certain elasticity, when the drill bit is touched, the deformation immediately deforms, so that the drill bit is precisely aligned with the position to be drilled, and the drilling position accuracy is ensured. The drill entry aluminum substrate sheet for pcb material should be uniform and there should be no impurities to produce soft and hard nodes, otherwise it is easy to break the drill bit.