Aluminum substrate for license plate production has clean flat surface, which can be mill or mirror finished or polished treat. With the development of the automotive industry, the demand for lightweight automotive aluminum is becoming more stringent, especially in terms of the demand for license plate. As a professional manufacturer of aluminum substrate sheet, Haomei Aluminum.. read more →

30 Aug 2018
August 30, 2018

Aluminium sheet manufacturer in china

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Aluminum sheet has many unique advantages, it has a wide range of applications. As one of the great aluminum sheet manufacturer in china, Haomei aluminum has supply high quality aluminum sheet for customers using in their business in many industries. In addition to the application of pure 1000 series aluminum, aluminum sheet is generally used as.. read more →

Due to the color coated aluminum sheet has advantages of both the aluminum sheet itself and the surface coating material, it has high mechanical strength, toughness, easy to processing, and other outstanding performance as rich colors, decorative, corrosion-resistant, easy for punching, bending, deep drawing, welding and other processing. Haomei Aluminum engaged in the production development and technology.. read more →

5754 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloy, it has a wide range of applications in the field of high-level aluminum processing industry. With the vigorous development of the railway transport market, and the globalization of automobile era, processing needs of aluminum marine sheet plate, rail transportation, high-grade car complex parts is increasing, 5754 alloy.. read more →

As a typical 5000 series aluminum alloy, 5182 aluminum sheet is the main aluminum alloy products of cans rings. At the same time, the other parts of the cans are also different types of aluminum products, such as 3004, 5052 used for cans bottom, 5052 for the cans cap, 3004 for cans body. For different.. read more →

11 Sep 2017
September 11, 2017

Haomei aluminum drill entry sheet for PCB

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When refers to aluminum sheet product, we can think of many types, such as aluminum drilling entry sheet, aluminum mirror sheet, aluminum embossed sheet, color coated aluminum sheet, aluminum closure sheet and so on. Today we are going to talk about the aluminum drilling entry sheet for PCB. Aluminum drilling entry sheet also named as.. read more →

The most common use alloy in 5XXX series aluminum alloy are 5083 aluminum sheet and 5086 aluminum sheet. 5086 aluminum alloy and 5083 aluminum alloy are both belongs to Al-Mg alloy. Aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-Mn alloy are also known as rust-proof aluminum alloy, because the Mn and Mg alloy composition have increased the anti-corrosion properties,.. read more →

Because of the excellent characteristics, aluminum sheet can be seen everywhere in daily life, it has a layer of oxide film on the surface, which makes the use period last longer. But in the use process, you may still found some dark spots attached on the surface of the aluminum sheet! What is the reason?.. read more →

5052 aluminum sheet is commonly used aluminum-magnesium alloy material, it is the most commonly used material in the high-level aluminum recent years. Conventional temper are H32 and O. 5052 alloy is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum, this alloy is with high strength, especially with anti-fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, the plastic performance is.. read more →

Technical parameters: compared with other materials, the reflectivity of reflective aluminum mirror sheet is 88%, stainless steel reflector is 44%, aluminum anodized plate reflector is 30%, white painted reflector is 3.8%. Outdoor sun exposure aging is greater than 2 years, indoor aging is greater than 10 years. Mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation, thermal expansion.. read more →