18 Dec 2020
December 18, 2020

Aluminum Sheet Metal Price 5052H32

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Aluminum sheet metal price of 5052H32 in Haomei Aluminium is very reasonable on the market to save your purchase cost. 5052 aluminum sheet is a commonly used aluminum alloy sheet metal, which has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength. It is widely used in automobiles, ships, machinery, electronics, chemicals, construction materials, decoration Decoration and other fields.

aluminum sheet metal price

According to the thickness of aluminum sheet metal, it can be divided into thin plate, conventional plate, medium plate, thick plate, etc. Haomei Aluminum can produce the aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.1-600mm and a width of 2650mm. According to the state points, the commonly used states of 5052 aluminum sheet are O, H24, H32, H34, H112, etc. The hardness is different in different states. H32 is the more commonly used 5052 aluminum sheet state. H32 represents the processing condition of the product. H refers to the work hardening state. The product has been annealed and its hardness is downgraded. It is suitable for processing and molding. In order to prevent the product from being too soft, it is properly processed The work hardening. 32 represents that the product has been stabilized and the hardness is 1/4 hardness.


5052-h32 aluminum sheet has strong corrosion resistance, good surface oxidation, good bending ability, and no cracking when bent at 90 degrees. It is a typical sheet metal material, suitable for cabinets and other products that require bending. The application in the automobile field is particularly wide, and it can be used for car engine outer panels, bus trunk panels, non-slip decorative panels for buses, and aluminum panels for automobile fuel tanks.


The aluminum sheet metal price is mainly determined by the price of aluminum ingots and processing fees. The specific processing fees should also refer to the thickness, width, length, and consumption of the aluminum sheet. As a large aluminum plate manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum provides the market price of 5052 aluminum sheet.