30 Sep 2021
September 30, 2021

China Aluminum Plain Sheet

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Choose china aluminum plain sheet with good quality and great price, please contact us Haomei Aluminum! We have strict quality check team to ensure the quality of produced aluminum sheet. The flatness of aluminum plain sheet is an important quality index. The method of flatness inspection of the surface quality of the china aluminum sheet is to place the aluminum sheet to be inspected on the inspection platform, check with the naked eye whether the surface of the aluminum sheet has defects that exceed the standard, and then check the gap between the alu sheet and the platform, and it does not exceed the standard. Mark one end of the qualified aluminum plain sheet with alloy designation, state designation, thickness, batch number, serial number and qualified inspection stamp.

china aluminum plain sheet

In order to inspect the mechanical properties, internal organization, process performance, etc. of the finished china aluminum plain sheet, cutting tests must be performed on each batch of products in accordance with the items specified by the standards and processes to ensure that the quality of the aluminum plain sheet meets the product standards and meets the user’s requirements.


The mechanical properties of china aluminum plain sheet are tested. According to the alloy state, 2%, 5%, and 10% of each batch of samples are taken respectively, and 100% of the mechanical properties of important products are tested. If a sample is found to be unqualified in the mechanical performance test, the aluminum sheet of the unqualified sample shall be tested twice. If there is still one unqualified sample in the sample, it shall be discarded. The supplier may re-inspect a section of aluminum sheet represented by unqualified samples one by one. If the delivery is qualified, those who fail to meet the requirements shall be deemed invalid.


For the china aluminum plain sheet with important uses, samples should also be taken for metallographic inspection, and the whole batch of waste products after burning. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the technical standards, some products are also subject to aluminum-clad inspection, grain size inspection, layer delamination inspection, and ultrasonic inspection. According to the standard, delivery can be accepted only after passing the inspection.