31 Oct 2022
October 31, 2022

Aluminum 5083 H111

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Aluminum 5083 h111 are applied in marine and ocean industry together with aluminum 5083 h114, aluminum 5083 h116 and aluminum 5083 h321. In recent years, the construction of aluminum alloy boats in the fields of passenger ships and fishing boats has increased abnormally, and the keel plays a pivotal role as the main part of the.. read more →

28 Oct 2022
October 28, 2022

Anodized Aluminum Coil Suppliers

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Anodized aluminum coil suppliers in China produce 3000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series anodized aluminum with various colors. The production scope of anodized aluminum sheet suppliers are: 1, Production width: 50-1350mm 2, Production length: coil length 3, Thickness that can be produced: 0.2-2.0mm 4, The thickness of the oxide film that can be produced: 2-10 microns 5, Scope of application: led aluminum substrate,.. read more →

24 Oct 2022
October 24, 2022

Aluminium Pipe Lagging

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The aluminium pipe lagging is also known as aluminium jacketing for pipe insulation. The thermal insulation aluminum lagging has now become the raw material for the pipeline anti-corrosion and thermal insulation construction of electric power and chemical enterprises. The author believes that the increasing amount of thermal insulation aluminum plate in recent years is mainly due to.. read more →

The aluminium chequered plate for trailer flooring usually adopt 5 bars aluminum plate with great anti-slip function and decoration function. The aluminium checker plate for trailer flooring material is 3003 H18/H24, is very light in weight, high in flatness, good in flame retardancy, high in bending strength, compressive strength and peel strength, and has been used.. read more →

13 Oct 2022
October 13, 2022

Coil Anodized Aluminum

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Coil anodized aluminum are electrolyzed by placing aluminum coil in the corresponding electrolyte under specific conditions and under the action of an applied current. A thin layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface of the anodized aluminum coil with a thickness of 20 microns, and the hard anodized film can reach microns. The anodized aluminium coil.. read more →

08 Oct 2022
October 8, 2022

Trailer Cover Horsebox Tread Plate

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Trailer cover horsebox tread plate use aluminum alloy 3003 H18, with thickness of 0.8-10mm, patterns of diamond and five bars. The aluminum tread plate for trailer cover horsebox has extra light quality, high flatness, good flame retardancy, high bending strength, compressive strength, peeling strength, has been used in new energy buses for flooring, RV partitions, desktop panels,.. read more →