24 Oct 2022
October 24, 2022

Aluminium Pipe Lagging

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The aluminium pipe lagging is also known as aluminium jacketing for pipe insulation. The thermal insulation aluminum lagging has now become the raw material for the pipeline anti-corrosion and thermal insulation construction of electric power and chemical enterprises. The author believes that the increasing amount of thermal insulation aluminum plate in recent years is mainly due to the increase in labor costs and the consideration of enterprises for the maintenance cost of thermal insulation construction. At the same time, the use of thermal insulation aluminum jacketing roll construction The appearance is also more beautiful.

aluminium pipe lagging

Labor costs and later maintenance costs determine that the amount of thermal insulation aluminium pipe lagging will continue to rise. In fact, the early thermal insulation material used in thermal insulation construction is tinplate, because the price of tinplate is low, but the service life of tinplate is short, and construction will occur for a period of time. Corrosion, rust spots, early labor costs are relatively low. The surface of the thermal insulation aluminum jacketing is smooth, beautiful, and has good fire resistance. It will not show obvious discoloration in the outdoor ventilation environment for several years, and the tinplate can not withstand the wind and rain, so the thermal insulation aluminum jacket on the appearance is better.


Electric power and chemical companies can choose to replace and maintain in the later period, and sew and mend for another three years, but now with the continuous rise of labor costs, this method cannot be adopted, and the cost is too high, so although the use of aluminum pipe jacketing seems to be more in terms of early investment , and can save in post-maintenance, and at the same time do not need to shut down the production equipment.


Light weight and durability, the aluminium pipe lagging has high elongation, and the relative elongation of the thermal insulation aluminum pipe jacketing is higher than 10%.