08 Oct 2022
October 8, 2022

Trailer Cover Horsebox Tread Plate

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Trailer cover horsebox tread plate use aluminum alloy 3003 H18, with thickness of 0.8-10mm, patterns of diamond and five bars. The aluminum tread plate for trailer cover horsebox has extra light quality, high flatness, good flame retardancy, high bending strength, compressive strength, peeling strength, has been used in new energy buses for flooring, RV partitions, desktop panels, square cabin cars, modified cars are useful. This kind of trailer aluminum tread plate is characterized by light weight, technology, environmental protection and heat preservation. Trailer use of all-aluminum body, compartment thickness of 3 mm. The side skirts are all individually wrapped with aluminum tread plate, which can prevent scratching and add to the off-road model of appearance.

trailer cover horsebox tread plate

trailer cover horsebox tread plate

The enclosed trailer is protected by the trailer cover horsebox tread plate around the trailer siding to prevent it from being scratched by tree branches or stones when going out. Aluminum tread plate is commonly used for trailer cover, the common patterns are three bars, five bars and pointer. Aluminum tread plate can be seen in the engineering and construction, delivery, decorative design and refrigeration equipment industries. Along with the improvement of our total number of trailer cover tread plate manufacturers, the quality of various kinds of aluminum tread plates are not uniform and vary very much. How can we judge the product quality of aluminum tread plate manufacturers?

1, Look at the thinness.

The thickness, compressive strength and air oxide film thinness of high quality aluminum trailer horsebox tread plate should meet the industry standard. If it does not meet the regulations, it is a shoddy aluminum plate.

2, Look at the surface.

Reliable large and medium-sized processing plant manufacturing aluminum tread plate material meticulous, the surface is smooth, the pattern is clear and neat, aluminum plate glossy, the surface layer without oil stains, scratches and other problems. Small factory manufacturing made of scrap steel, the surface layer is dark yellow, the pattern is not clear, not neat, the surface is not neat, the characteristics are not qualified, poor quality.

3, Look at the price.

Aluminum trailer cover horsebox tread plate into pure aluminum and aluminum alloy, of course, the price is not the same. General manufacturers of aluminum tread plate production costs several thousand, alloy prices higher than pure aluminum, general manufacturers of aluminum plate prices compared to shoddy aluminum 20% -30% higher. When buying aluminum tread plate from the company, it is strictly forbidden to buy substandard products at a price and regret it.

4, Look at the service items.

From the manufacturer’s production line to the company’s production plant, overpacking, shipping, delivery, storage and disassembly of the whole process there are many stages. Aluminum tread plate will inevitably have disadvantages such as air oxidation and scratching. Large, medium and high quality service providers will give the necessary scale of operation for the customer to deal with customer’s worries.