13 Oct 2022
October 13, 2022

Coil Anodized Aluminum

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Coil anodized aluminum are electrolyzed by placing aluminum coil in the corresponding electrolyte under specific conditions and under the action of an applied current. A thin layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface of the anodized aluminum coil with a thickness of 20 microns, and the hard anodized film can reach microns. The anodized aluminium coil has improved its hardness and wear resistance, has good heat resistance, the melting point of the hard oxide film is very high, the aluminum anodized coil has excellent insulation, breakdown voltage resistance, enhanced Corrosion resistance, it will not corrode in salt spray for thousands of hours.

Coil anodized aluminum

There are a lot of micropores in the thin oxide film layer of coil anodized aluminum, which can adsorb various lubricants, suitable for the manufacture of engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts. The film micropores have strong adsorption capacity and can be colored into various beautiful and bright colors. Non-ferrous metals or their alloys can be oxidized. Anodized aluminum sheet coil are widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft auto parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, machine casings, lamps and lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, signs, furniture, automotive decoration and other industries. The advantages of alumina rolls are good processability, strong decoration, moderate hardness, easy bending and forming, continuous high-speed stamping, and convenient direct processing into products.


Coil anodized aluminum has good weather resistance, long-term indoor use without discoloration, corrosion, oxidation, and rust. Strong metallic feeling, high surface hardness, good scratch resistance, no paint covering on the surface, and retains the metallic color of the aluminum coil. It has high fire resistance, does not produce toxic gas, and meets the requirements of fire protection and environmental protection. Strong stain resistance, easy to clean, no corrosion spots. Strong applicability and wide range of uses, suitable for metal aluminum ceilings, fireproof panels, electrical panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels, etc. In short, it is very practical.