3003 series aluminum sheet is a commonly used Al-Mn alloy series products. With Mn alloy elements, the product has excellent antirust properties, also known as antirust aluminum plate. Then what do you know about 3003 aluminum sheet, do you know its properties,features, applications? The answers are as follows. The strength of 3003 aluminum sheet is.. read more →

19 May 2017
May 19, 2017

2000 series aluminum sheet

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2000 series aluminum alloy as the main element is copper alloy, it includes Al – Cu – Mg alloy, Al – Cu – Mg – Fe – Ni alloy and Al – Cu – Mn alloy, the aluminum alloy can be reinforced heat treatment. Today the topic is 2000 series aluminum sheet. The aluminum sheet.. read more →

1100 aluminum sheet plate belongs to the pure aluminum plate sheet series, the aluminum content is 99.00%, with 1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet, them three model are the typical models of pure aluminum sheet series. As we had talked about the difference of 1050 aluminum sheet and 1060 aluminum sheet, the topic of this article is.. read more →

Aluminum is one of the metals most widely used in industry and daily life, when it comes to the aluminum alloy, the 1000 series aluminum sheet come to our mind, there are two typical aluminum sheet in 1000 series aluminum sheet alloy, they are 1050 aluminum sheet and 1060 aluminum sheet, they are all with high.. read more →

Aluminum embossed sheet has wide range of applications, three bars, five bars, a pointer type are common series, the aluminum embossed sheet is usually applied in these areas such as construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment. With more and more international manufacturers, all kinds of aluminum embossed sheets appear in the market, and to the quality,.. read more →

Aluminum sheet is the most widely used aluminum product in the world. As we have learned other application of aluminum sheet, such as aluminum sheet applications on railway train, the applications of aluminum sheet and plate in car. Today the application of aluminum sheet for boat floor is on turn. For now, 5 series aluminum sheet.. read more →

Because of the outstanding advantages of aluminum sheet, many projects or constructions need it, many people are confused on how to calculate the aluminum sheet price. For they have the accurate calculate data,they can make better finance budget,to save the cost and control the risk of invest, of course to make get more profit. Haomei.. read more →

Firstly, late happy labor’s day for you all! Let us return to the key, as we know, aluminum sheet alloy has wide applications, and we had learned aluminum sheet applications on car and aircraft last week. Then is there any other applications of aluminum sheet and plate? Of course it is! Today our topic is.. read more →