Firstly, late happy labor’s day for you all! Let us return to the key, as we know, aluminum sheet alloy has wide applications, and we had learned aluminum sheet applications on car and aircraft last week. Then is there any other applications of aluminum sheet and plate? Of course it is! Today our topic is aluminum sheet applications on railway train.


Aluminum sheet applications on the railway train is mainly used for structure panel, upper beam, eaves beam and bottom roof beam, truck parts, doors, Windows and interior decoration, equipment control devices, water tank, rack, chairs, catheters, line frame, instrumentation framework of signal command system, pipeline of ventilation and refrigeration air conditioning system, contact network transmission system, bus bar and wire clip, etc. Currently used aluminum sheet alloy as car body of railway vehicles are: urban rail transit (including metro, urban light rail, maglev train, etc.), the emu, C80 railway coal car in China has also use aluminum sheet alloy as car body, car body use aluminum extrusions and the carriage uses aluminum plate. According to the data, average aluminum sheet alloy consumption of each train and subway is 2 ton, aluminum extrusion materials using 8 ~ 9 ton. Urban rail transit and high speed railway with aluminum sheet alloy mainly adopts model of 5083, 6082, 6061, 6005, 7020. C80 coal truck uses the 5083 aluminum alloy plate mainly. In the early 1950 s, some of the advanced countries in the world including the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, France began to adopt aluminum alloy material to make railway vehicle, the United States is the earliest and most mature country of aluminum alloy coal gondola car technology application. That is mainly the application of aluminum sheet in railway, the aluminum sheet applications will be more and more with the fast development, do not doubt it any more. Haomei aluminum can offer you aluminum sheet with all series from 1XXX series to 8XXX series, which can cover what you need, please connect with us if you are interest in our products.