19 May 2017
May 19, 2017

2000 series aluminum sheet

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2000 series aluminum alloy as the main element is copper alloy, it includes Al – Cu – Mg alloy, Al – Cu – Mg – Fe – Ni alloy and Al – Cu – Mn alloy, the aluminum alloy can be reinforced heat treatment. Today the topic is 2000 series aluminum sheet. The aluminum sheet of 2000 series have all the features of 2000 series aluminum alloy. So, let us talk about them now!7005 aluminum sheet

2000 series aluminum alloy’s characteristic is high strength, so it is commonly referred as hard aluminum alloy, the heat-resisting performance and machining performance is good, but the corrosion resistance isn’t good as other aluminum alloy, can produce inter crystalline corrosion under certain conditions, therefore, 2000 series aluminum sheet often require coating a layer of pure aluminum, or a layer of core board with electrochemical protection 6000 series aluminum alloy, in order to greatly improve its corrosion resistance. The Al – Cu – Mg – Fe – Ni alloy has complex chemical composition, it has high strength at high temperatures, and have good process performance, it is mainly used as heat-resistant parts for forging press 150 ~ 250 ℃. The Al – Cu – Mn alloy’s strength at normal temperature is lower than that of Al – Cu – Mg alloy 2 a12 and 2024 aluminum sheet, but under 225 ~ 250 ℃ or higher temperature, the intensity is higher than them, and alloy process performance is good, easy to welding, is mainly used welded structures and forging parts. 2000 series alloy are widely used in aviation and aerospace fields.

The features of 2000 series aluminum sheet are as follows. To improve the machinability, aluminum sheet alloy add other elements. Such as, 2011 aluminum sheet alloy. 2014 aluminum sheet alloy is used in aviation industry with high strength. The strength of 2017 aluminum sheet is lower than 2014 aluminum sheet alloy, but easy to processing. 2014 aluminum sheet can strengthen by heat treatment, but the weakness is the intercrystalline corrosion tend to be serious. Application of 2014 aluminum sheet is aviation industry, 2017 aluminum sheet is usually used in higher temperature circumstance.