2024 aluminum sheet

2024 aluminum plate sheet is a typical hard aluminum alloy in Al Cu mg system. Its composition is reasonable and its comprehensive performance is good. The alloy has the advantages of high strength and heat resistance, and can be used as a working part below 150 DEG C. The temperature is higher than 125 C, and the strength of the alloy is higher than that of 7075 aluminum alloy by 2024. Under the condition of hot state, annealing and new quenching, the forming performance is good, the heat treatment effect is obvious, but the heat treatment process is strict.


Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
2024 aluminum plate sheet O,T3,T4,T6,T72,T81,T361,T351,T861,T3511,T8611 0.3-600 800-2600 500-16000


Final usage:Propeller structure,aircraft frame, etc

1, 2024 aluminum plate sheet has no oil, no aluminum surface waves, no scratches, no roller, uniform cutting edges and burr;

2, 2024 aluminum plate sheet has low density, high specific modulus, good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, good manufacturing process;

3, Haomei aluminum production “1+1” ultra wide, super thick aluminum production line, the production of the test of the aluminum plate, has good mechanical properties, strength in the processing of the stool, the density is small, can be used as light structural materials 2024;

4. The tensile strength of the alloy plate is 400-500MPa, and the heat resistance and fatigue resistance of the alloy are better than that of the alloy.

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