There are many trusted embossed aluminium sheet manufacturers in China, and Haomei aluminum is one factory of them. The embossed aluminium sheet processed by Haomei is with low density, high tensile strength, high elongation and good thermal conductivity. 1060 pure aluminium and 3003 aluminium alloy are the commonly used grade for process embossed aluminium sheet. The.. read more →

The processing principle of embossed aluminium sheet is molded through the pressure between the two embossing rolls. With different embossing roll mold, the patterns of embossed aluminum sheet are various, such as classic orange peel, worm, water drop, rhombus, hammer, bean, diamond, pebble, water ripple, shell sculpture. The stucco embossed aluminum sheet are commonly used in.. read more →

Embossed aluminum sheet is also a kind of aluminum tread plate. Different from other kinds of aluminum checkered plate, aluminum embossed sheet do not have much anti-skid effect, it is mainly used in refrigerator, freezer liner, air conditioning, cold storage, decoration and packaging. The typical and most used pattern is orange peel embossed aluminum sheet. The.. read more →

The embossed aluminum sheet can also be called the aluminum stucco embossed sheet. It belongs to the aluminum product processed by calendering and form a variety of patterns on the basis of the aluminum sheet. It is used widely mainly in the packing, building, curtain wall, etc.. The embossed stucco aluminium sheet is use press to.. read more →