The processing principle of embossed aluminium sheet is molded through the pressure between the two embossing rolls. With different embossing roll mold, the patterns of embossed aluminum sheet are various, such as classic orange peel, worm, water drop, rhombus, hammer, bean, diamond, pebble, water ripple, shell sculpture. The stucco embossed aluminum sheet are commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging industry.

embossed aluminium sheet

The most common used product of embossed aluminum sheet are orange peel embossed aluminum, classic orange peel embossed aluminum, variation orange peel embossed aluminum and cover moisture-proof kraft paper orange peel embossed aluminum, the orange peel aluminium embossed sheet is widely used in air conditioning, packaging and counters. The lentil-shaped embossed aluminum sheet has good anti-slip effect, it is commonly used for carriages, platforms, cold storage floors, workshop floors and elevators. Ball-shaped embossed aluminum sheet is mainly used in packaging. Rhombus embossed aluminum sheet is commonly used in packaging pipe or packaging. The main alloy of embossed aluminium sheet are 1060, 1100, 3003 and 5052. The thickness is 0.01-3.0 mm, the width is 500-1220 mm.