The solar reflector is one of the core components of the trough type high temperature heat collecting system of solar concentrators, which is divided into glass mirror, ceramic mirror and metal mirror. Different mirror surfaces can be used depending on the temperature required. The metal mirror can be polished aluminium sheet with high reflectivity of over 95%. It can collect solar diffuse light and focus the light to improve the working temperature of the solar concentrators, which can be up to 100-300 degrees.

polished aluminium sheet

Polished aluminium mirror sheet has been adopted by the solar industry with significant energy savings and special reflective effects. The solar energy materials are mainly divided into solar reflectors and solar collector panels. The polished aluminium mirror sheet has strong pulling force, high temperature resistance, not easy to break, silver surface, specular reflection, excellent brightness, extremely clear surface mirror, good reflection and illumination effect. After special treatment, the bright surface of the polished aluminium sheet are stable, not easy to scratch, it can be used for a long time. In addition, the weight of aluminum is much lighter than other metal and glasses, so in the solar industry, mirror polished aluminium sheet has bright future. To different usage in solar, we have different alloy and reflectivity with high quality and low price, if you are interested in, please contact us to get more information and quotations.