You can find professional polished aluminium sheets factories in China, which will bring you high quality product and low price. The surface of mirror polished aluminum sheet is specially treated, so it presents a mirror effect and is very smooth. Surface protection treatment in guaranteed in China mirror polished aluminum sheet factory, the mirror reflectivity is.. read more →

Mirror polished aluminium sheet for solar energy has high strength, high reflectivity, impact resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and better environmental protection performance. The polished aluminium mirror sheet can be bent, stamped and formed without cracking, stripping and wrinkling, and the protective film on the surface is facilitate the user’s processing. Outdoor grade mirror polished aluminium.. read more →

The solar reflector is one of the core components of the trough type high temperature heat collecting system of solar concentrators, which is divided into glass mirror, ceramic mirror and metal mirror. Different mirror surfaces can be used depending on the temperature required. The metal mirror can be polished aluminium sheet with high reflectivity of over.. read more →

Polished aluminium sheet products are used in a wide range of applications, such as in the surface production of various electronic consumer products and in the manufacture of decorative parts for various products. Different production processes and performance of polished mirror aluminum sheet products can meet the needs of the corresponding consumers. Any type of polished aluminum sheet.. read more →

The application of mirror polished aluminium sheet is constantly being carried out with continuous development of technology. With the level improvement of peoples life, there are many new applications of mirror aluminium sheet, and the colored aluminum mirror sheet is one kind of them. The color aluminum mirror sheet has better decoration effect than ordinary mirror.. read more →