26 Dec 2022
December 26, 2022

Diamond Aluminum Tread Plate Supplier

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As a diamond aluminum tread plate supplier in China, all kinds of diamond tread plate product can be processed. Not only the common seen diamond aluminum plate, but also polished aluminum diamond plate, color coated aluminum diamond plate and even anodized aluminum tread plate. How many types of diamond aluminum tread plate are there? The same as aluminum plate, the diamond aluminum tread plate material can be divided into 4 models, generally according to the price from low to high ranking, respectively: pure aluminum 1000 series, , Manganese aluminum alloy 3000 series, Magnesium aluminum alloy 5000 series, Magnesium silicon aluminum alloy 6000 series.

diamond aluminum tread plate supplier

What are the product advantages of diamond aluminum tread plate supplier?

1, Low density

The density of aluminum and aluminum alloy is close to 2.7g/cm³, which is roughly iron. One third of copper. Due to the high strength of aluminum and aluminum alloys, the strength of the matrix can be enhanced under a certain degree of cold working, and some types of aluminum alloys can also be strengthened by heat treatment.


2, Good thermal conductivity

It not only conducts heat well, but also conducts electricity well, second only to gold. Silver, copper, these metals.


3, Uniform coating and diverse colors

It has a more polished surface. Uniform coating, rich color, large selection space.


4, Easy to process

It is easy to work with. If some alloy elements are added in the process, good casting performance can also be obtained. It can be processed into a flat surface. Curved geometry, such as curved and spherical, can be integrated in the factory, in the production of no need to cut, can be directly secondary processing.


5, High recovery value

Aluminum diamond tread plate, although light in size, has high tensile strength, good ductility and high recycling value.


6, Good corrosion resistance

Due to a tight protective film on its surface, its matrix can effectively protect against external erosion.