29 May 2023
May 29, 2023

Aluminium Oxide Sheet

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The aluminium oxide sheet also known as anodized aluminum sheet, which is a further treated aluminum product with wide application. More and more buildings, spaces and environments are more inclined to choose anodized aluminum sheet when they need to be constructed, renovated and decorated. Consumers and users love it, which has made the use of anodised aluminum.. read more →

22 May 2023
May 22, 2023

Mirror Aluminum Reflector Sheet

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The continuous application of mirror aluminum reflector sheet has also made good progress in our scientific and technological progress. Some of the current scientific and technological progress can also make production continue, and the continuous application of mirror aluminum sheet can also make production better. The use of mirror aluminum sheet will make the development of science and.. read more →

With the advancement of science and technology, many products are no longer so single. As the most ideal fireproof material, the brushed finish aluminum sheet also has a variety of colors, which are also widely used in people’s lives. Then, what are the colors that brushed finish aluminum sheet manufacturer can produce? The colors of various.. read more →

15 May 2023
May 15, 2023

Aluminum Panels For Caravans

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The aluminum panels for caravans are used widely in the skin, roofing of caravans and enclosed trailers, it is a trend of lightweight and is considered by caravans manufacturers. The caravans are made of high-strength 3000 series aluminium alloy, which makes the whole body very stable and also has a good rust resistance. The surface of the caravans also.. read more →

08 May 2023
May 8, 2023

PVDF Painted Aluminium Sheet

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PVDF painted aluminium sheet adopt high film thickness spraying process, the aluminum sheet surface is fuller and more delicate, when 180 ° bending, the coating does not crack or fall off, and the processing performance is better. The T-bend test is 0-2T, and the hardness of the coating after high temperature curing can reach up to 5H or.. read more →

Color coated aluminium sheet for sign making is firstly painted on the surface of aluminum sheet, with good color difference control and uniform paint film. The sign aluminum sheet has the ability to be folded during the manufacturing process without causing any damage to the surface. For example, PVDF coatings are highly weather resistant and can be.. read more →