22 May 2023
May 22, 2023

Mirror Aluminum Reflector Sheet

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The continuous application of mirror aluminum reflector sheet has also made good progress in our scientific and technological progress. Some of the current scientific and technological progress can also make production continue, and the continuous application of mirror aluminum sheet can also make production better. The use of mirror aluminum sheet will make the development of science and technology better realized, and it will also have a great impact on future technological progress.


The first application is the aluminum alloy smelting furnace, how to melt the alloy to cast a good aluminum alloy depends on many aspects, such as the furnace and fuel, the advanced one is the round furnace, the general furnace, no matter what kind of fuel, there is a chimney to discharge the waste gas and slag of the fuel. If there is no chimney, only low-quality aluminum mirror sheet can be produced, and there are serious slag inclusion bubbles inside, because the waste gas and slag are all melted in the aluminum water.

mirror aluminum reflector sheet

There is another kind of alloy element, the main configuration element of aluminum alloy is that the content ratio of each element of aluminum, magnesium and silicon in the process of making aluminum alloy has a strict range, and these contents directly determine the quality of reflective aluminum mirror sheet. Furthermore, each aluminum mirror sheet manufacturer has its own data, and they do not tell each other.


In the continuous use of mirror aluminum reflector sheet, in order to better realize the progress of science and technology, it will also be of great help to future progress.