Color coated aluminium sheet for sign making is firstly painted on the surface of aluminum sheet, with good color difference control and uniform paint film. The sign aluminum sheet has the ability to be folded during the manufacturing process without causing any damage to the surface. For example, PVDF coatings are highly weather resistant and can be guaranteed with a 15-20 year color warranty. All of our pre-painted aluminum sheet for sign finishes are strong and durable, but if you are looking for an extended warranty, then PVDF is an option. This is our painted pre-coated sign aluminum sheet that can be folded during the manufacturing process without causing any damage to the surface.

aluminium sheet for sign making

The color of sign making aluminum sheet is various, and white grey aluminium sheet for sign making is common used. The back side of the sign must be painted in RAL 7043 color and the paint and aluminum must not crack after being bent at 90 degrees and perforated at the edges for laser cutting and should also be suitable for outdoor use. The other side of the color coated aluminum must be sealed (pre-painted) so the reflective tape adheres well and the aluminum does not oxidize. Traffic signage are made of aluminum sheet, strong, corrosion resistant and light weight are its main features.


The characteristics of aluminium sheet for sign making are flatness, no composite high temperature indentation on the surface, no residual stress on the plate surface, no deformation after shearing. Haomei Aluminum is a trustworthy manufacturer of aluminum sheet for sign making, including traffic sign, road sign, street sign, highway sign, parking lot sign, car license plate sign, channel letter signs and so on. If you are interested in buy aluminum sheet for making signs, please contact us via email, we will quote in 24 hours.