Aluminum sheets are the most widely used aluminum product, not only in daily life, but also in industrial application. As we have talked about the application of it in aerospace and truck, today let us discuss the applications of aluminum sheet and plate in car. Aluminum sheet and plate used mainly in automobile manufacturing passenger car.. read more →

In aluminum sheet industry, there are many different types of aluminum sheets, they can divided into many models by different ways. When the classification is according to different production process, the aluminum sheet alloy can be divided into cold rolling aluminum sheet and hot rolling aluminum sheet. What are the difference between them? Let us learn more about it! The.. read more →

Nowadays, distribution is very popular business form in the aluminum market, however, distributors need to cooperate with manufacturers, so they must consider more about the manufacturer. But while choosing a manufacturer, many distributors did not grasp well, this lead to the choice is not suitable or even bad and result in serious losses. Here are the suggestions for aluminum sheet and plate distributors how to choose the.. read more →

There are many manufacturers and products of aluminum sheet malaysia market. To judge the quality of a product, the raw materials and some details in the process of production are very important. For aluminum sheet, in its main process there are four factors affect the quality. Point 1: production materials. Under the conditions of the market.. read more →

As we have learned the application of aluminum sheet on aircraft before, today we are going to talk about the application of aluminum sheet in truck and where to find the best aluminum sheet company. The aluminum sheet alloys are usually used as truck carriage board. Dump truck generally use 3 ~ 6 mm thick 5A03.. read more →

Today is the Hubble Space Telescope launched 27 years anniversary, it has made outstanding contributions to scientific study of human in the space. What are the aluminum sheet applications in the Hubble Space Telescope? To a Hubble Space Telescope, the mirror is very important. The telescope mirror polishing plating use the thickness of 75 nm aluminum sheet as reflector. And.. read more →

The purpose of cleaning aluminum sheet is to form a surface oxide layer and to create a good surface condition between aluminum sheets for welding. But a lot of problems are found in aluminum welding process, such as porosity, slag inclusion, incomplete fusion on weld surface, the main reason is aluminum plate surface is not.. read more →

On April 20, 2017,at 19:41 pm, Changzheng-7 march rocket carrying cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 was ignited and lunched at China wenchang spaceport, about 596 seconds later, the spacecraft separated from the rocket successfully, goes into orbit, the lunch is successful. In this huge spacecraft, aluminum sheet plate alloy plays an important role! To built the structure of.. read more →

Aluminum sheet,also named as aluminum alloy sheet,is a oblong plate produced by aluminum stock. According to different alloy aluminum sheet metal elements, the aluminum sheet alloys can divided into 8 series mainly. Many friends want to find out which aluminum plate are best, but different series have different application scale with different function. What you should.. read more →

Aluminum is a light metal and its compounds are widespread in nature. In the metal species, aluminum is the second metal next to steel. Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties, it is commonly used industrial metals. Aluminum sheet is a typical aluminum product. Why do you search for aluminum sheet in China? How can you.. read more →