In aluminum sheet industry, there are many different types of aluminum sheets, they can divided into many models by different ways. When the classification is according to different production process, the aluminum sheet alloy can be divided into cold rolling aluminum sheet and hot rolling aluminum sheet. What are the difference between them? Let us learn more about it!

aluminum sheet alloy

The difference between cold rolling and hot rolled  aluminum sheet plate is as follows:
Firstly, the production process is different. The cold rolling aluminum sheet producing process is started from cast volume(8 mm thickness) which is made by cast machine, then rolling the cast volume by cold rolling machine. While the hot rolling aluminum sheet is made by heating aluminum ingots (400-500 mm thickness), and then rolling it by hot rolling machine at high temperature.
Secondly, different raw material supply. The hot rolling billet material is casting aluminum ingots though heating and rolling, The cold rolling billet material is casting roll for cold rolling.
Thirdly, different performance. The hot rolled aluminum sheet is with good surface quality, oxidation effect, bending performance, and strong mechanical properties and ductility. The cold rolling aluminum sheet is with poor mechanical properties and high hardness, so the cold rolling aluminum sheet is commonly used for mould material, and hot rolled aluminum sheet is more suitable for deep drawing process.

In generally speaking, the internal organization of hot rolling aluminum sheet is stable and uniform, hot rolling process is complex, the price is higher than cold rolling. The 1and 3 series of aluminum sheet on the market at present are all cold rolling, and other series is hot rolling, but 1 and 3 series can also be hot rolling producing, but the price is higher. No matter hot rolling or cold rolling aluminum sheet alloy, what you need is the best, while searching for aluminum sheet, why not come to Haomei? We have all the aluminum sheet products with high quality, please contact us if you have any question, our staff are waiting for you.