On April 20, 2017,at 19:41 pm, Changzheng-7 march rocket carrying cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 was ignited and lunched at China wenchang spaceport, about 596 seconds later, the spacecraft separated from the rocket successfully, goes into orbit, the lunch is successful. In this huge spacecraft, aluminum sheet plate alloy plays an important role!

aluminum sheet plate

To built the structure of Tianzhou-1, a complete set of thick aluminum alloy plate is needed, the aluminum sheet should go though the 3950 mm hot rolling mill roller. An aluminum alloy plate from ingot into the factory to packing warehousing, the process are heating, rolling and quenching, pre-tension, aging, testing procedure, small omissions of every link may affect alloy performance greatly. In order to use of interior space reasonable, Tianzhou-1 cargo spacecraft internal shelf are divided into many areas. And the shelf panel instrument using the aluminum honeycomb sheet plate, “shelves framework” vertical beam using the carbon fiber material, they are  both lightweight and high-strength material. In this great project, advanced technology and high quality aluminum sheet plate are the points of success. The successful lunch of Tianzhou-1 shows that Chinese produce technique has reached the highest standard already, that is why made-in-China product are famous in the world. The aluminum element is lightweight, when it combines with other element to aluminum alloy, it can show high strength, in airspace application area, these two advantages are the key pints. Different kind of aluminum sheet have different performance, a good manufacture can contain all of them. If you want to purchase aluminum product,you can come to China, here is a good supplier recommend to you, Haomei industrial, equipped with advanced technique and facility, Haomei offer  high-class product and service to you, we have e-mail and phone number on this website, get in touch with us immediately!