Nowadays, distribution is very popular business form in the aluminum market, however, distributors need to cooperate with manufacturers, so they must consider more about the manufacturer. But while choosing a manufacturer, many distributors did not grasp well, this lead to the choice is not suitable or even bad and result in serious losses. Here are the suggestions for aluminum sheet and plate distributors how to choose the manufacturer.

aluminum sheet and plate distributors

1,the basic situation about the manufacturer:Acknowledge the manufacturer’s set up time, the management level, manufacturer’s marketing concept, product consciousness, market consciousness, service consciousness, management concept and consciousness, know all these aspects to verify the manufacturer’s market competitiveness.
2, the manufacturer’s credibility: this is the premise and foundation of distributors and manufacturers cooperation. In the market, the most important aspect is “integrity”. If manufacturer has no credibility, the interests of distributors can not be guaranteed, the integrity of manufacturer should be put in the first place.
3,about the product: Product quality is the fundamental source of all business, so the quality of aluminum sheet is more important than the brand. In addition, the complete variety and structure of product should be concerned. As a distributor, the profit is the first. Customer needs vary widely, so they need different kinds of products to meet different customer needs. Require a full product line, products of different prices, different class and diversification on the function to service all the customers.
4,After-sales service: “service is the secondary sales”, and the the significance of “secondary sales” is greater than the “first sale”, “secondary sales” can not only obtain more profits, but also can get more information, locked customers firmly and improve brand loyalty. So, on the investigation to the factory, whether the manufacturers have technical services and after-sales service commitment and support or not is essential.

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