Haomei Aluminum has very strict quality requirements for stucco embossed aluminum coil with blue polysurlyn film. The aluminum coils need to be degreased and have a flat shape. The weight of a single coil can be 2.8-3 tons or 3-5 tons. The aluminum coil core uses a 505 inner diameter paper core. For exported products, free fumigation wooden pallet packaging is used, while standard moisture-proof packaging is used for domestic products. Laminated blue polysurlyn film aluminum coil, stucco embossed aluminum coil, and hot-pressed kraft paper aluminum coil are the main products of Haomei Aluminum. The stucco embossed aluminum coil with polysurlyn moisture barrier of Haomei Aluminum uses hot-pressing technology to bond the high-molecular polysurlyn film and the aluminum coil together. It cannot be torn by hand and will not crack when immersed in water for 24 hours. The blue polysurlyn film uses imported high molecular film with a thickness of about 0.07mm-0.08mm and a weight of about 0.075kg per square meter. It has a smooth surface and strong adhesion between the polysurlyn film and the stucco embossed aluminum coil.

stucco embossed aluminum coil with blue polysurlyn film

Due to the strict production requirements for stucco embossed aluminum coil with blue polysurlyn film by Haomei Aluminum, the daily production capacity of aluminum coil with polysurlyn moisture barrier is low. The daily production and processing capacity of Haomei Aluminum is about 10 tons. Therefore, when placing an order, please make a reservation in advance and contact our sales manager to determine the production cycle to avoid affecting your project schedule and usage.


Introduction to stucco embossed aluminum coil with blue polysurlyn film:

  1. The polysurlyn film has a thickness of 0.08mm, which increases its weather resistance.
  2. It absorbs water vapor (which kraft paper does not have) and the process is irreversible (it does not release water vapor).
  3. It has low flammability after lamination.
  4. It has no pinholes and provides better waterproof advantages than color coated sheets and kraft paper.
  5. It has a high water vapor conversion rate (absorption rate).
  6. It has good adhesive strength with metal.
  7. It can be processed with a thickness of 0.2-1.2mm and a width of 500-1250mm.
  8. The material of the stucco embossed aluminum coil is series 1000, series 3000 and series 5000.