Stucco embossed aluminium cladding sheet not only has good heat preservation performance, but also has good anti-corrosion function when in use. In comparison, aluminum jacketing has better anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions, low cost, convenient construction and recyclable. Long life, high anti-corrosion and excellent insulation performance are the main features of stucco embossed aluminium jacketing sheet.

stucco embossed aluminium cladding sheet

The dual performance of pipeline insulation and anticorrosion, because insulation and anticorrosion engineering is an important part of pipeline engineering. In order to increase the life of pipelines, reduce external factors such as temperature corrosion, and prevent possible dangers, pipeline insulation and corrosion protection are also developing rapidly. The stucco embossed aluminum jacketing has been deeply involved in construction, petroleum engineering, and natural gas engineering. The stucco embossed aluminium cladding has grade of 1060, 3003, 3105 and 5005, the thickness if 0.2-2.0mm, which not only has embossed surface, but also can be laminated with play kraft paper, polysurlyn film, which can improve the moister barrier performance, the aluminum claddding sheet for pipe insulation are in line with ASTM B209 standard, we have over 20 years experience of export.


Insulation pipes use advanced construction technology to prevent the temperature of the fluid medium in the insulated pipes from being affected by indoor and outdoor air temperature. For example, steam pipes will quickly drop in temperature and turn into water if they are not insulated, and the air-conditioning air will quickly sweat and become hot. If cold cannot be produced, hot water pipes will quickly become cold water. In winter, the water pipes will freeze quickly when they do not flow. This type of pipe must be insulated with stucco embossed aluminium cladding sheet. The pipeline equipment insulation construction can effectively protect the safety of the pipeline, prevent damage to it due to external forces, and has high insulation efficiency and good energy saving effect.