19 Apr 2017
April 19, 2017

Does aluminum sheet have other shape

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Nowadays, we can see aluminum sheet everywhere, but the shape of them are foursquare or rectangle. Maybe some people have the demand of different shape, like round aluminum plate or triangle aluminum sheet, then where can they buy it? Does aluminum sheet have other shape? How can other shape be made?

round aluminum plate

Because of the soft characteristic of aluminum sheet, it can be cut by cutting machine or engraving machine, people can cut any shape they want, the round aluminum plate is included. If you want to cut it as your demand, you need professional tools and technical skills, it is not so easy. So I will introduce Haomei industrial Co., Ltd to you, because Haomei can offer free-issue cutting service to you! With our specialized product and service, our customers are spread all over the world. The product of aluminum sheet have all kinds of series, so I have confident that you can find what you want in Haomei. As a famous aluminum manufacture, the performance and reputation of our aluminum sheet is better and better. The use scale of aluminum plate are: lighting, solar reflection, building exterior, interior decoration, ceiling, metope, furniture, cabinets, elevator, signs, nameplate, luggage, automotive interior and exterior decoration, indoor decorations, such as frame, household appliances, refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, The aerospace and military aspects, such as China’s large aircraft manufacturing, the shenzhou spacecraft series, satellites, etc, machinery parts processing, mold manufacturing, chemical and thermal insulation pipe coating. With the wide use scale, our trade with clients are bigger than before, we adhere the principle of “customer and quality are first“, the attitude of work hard and effectively. I am sure we can have a long term relationship if you have trade order with us, our best product and service will bring you big surprise. Please be free to call us or write to us by e-mail!