17 Mar 2023
March 17, 2023

Polished Gold Aluminum Sheet

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The polished gold aluminum sheet have bright and beautiful surface, so it is welcomed on the market for decoration application. To make the aluminum sheet have a mirror effect, it needs to go through: polishing, coating, rolling and other processing methods, after the mirror surface processing of the aluminum sheet, the high-end mirror polished aluminum sheet also needs to undergo secondary processing of surface oxidation. The color of mirror polished aluminum sheet is more choice, gold, copper and so on are available, metal colors are orange mirror aluminum sheet, gold mirror aluminum sheet, titanium gold mirror aluminum sheet, red copper mirror aluminum sheet, stainless steel color mirror aluminum sheet and so on.

polished gold aluminum sheet

The aluminum grade of polished gold aluminum sheet are 1050/1060/1070/1100/ 1200. The thickness is 0.3~0.8mm, and the width is 1250mm. The mirror polished gold aluminum sheets are applied to indoor and outdoor decoration materials, automotive interior and exterior decoration, home appliance panel production and lamp decoration. Compared with mirror stainless steel, mirror polished aluminum sheet is relatively light, only one-third of the weight of mirror stainless steel. The lighter the weight, the cheaper the price, and the mirror surface is smoother and clearer, similar to bathroom mirrors. The reflective effect of mirror aluminum is better.


When light travels to the interface between two media, part of it returns to the original medium, and the reflection of light on the smooth interface is specular reflection. The ratio of the energy taken away by the reflected light from the unit area of the interface per unit time to the energy incident by the incident light is called the reflectivity, we can understand the reflectivity in this way. The reflectivity of a general polished gold aluminum sheet is about 90%, and the reflectivity of a better polished aluminum mirror sheet is about 95%. A nanomirror developed by the Center for Optoelectronics, Nanostructure and Semiconductor Technology, University of California, Berkeley, has a reflectivity as high as 99.9%. Mirror polished aluminum sheet with reflectivity of more than 95% are mostly used for special purposes, such as solar power generation, experimental tools and so on.