15 Jan 2024
January 15, 2024

Polished Aluminum Sheet Price

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The polished aluminum sheet price is affected by a variety of factors, including raw material prices, production costs, market demand and so on. Haomei Aluminum is a well-known polished aluminum sheet supplier base in Henan province, China, we have produced and export aluminum mirror sheet with high reflectivity over 85%, the polished aluminum sheet can also be color coated to improve decoration effect.

polished aluminum sheet price

polished aluminum sheet price

The polished aluminum sheet price offered by Haomei Aluminum is reasonable on the market, but it is not fixed, it is variable. The price of polished aluminum sheet are affected by:

Raw material price:

Aluminum is a metal widely found on the earth, but the collection and refining of aluminum requires a lot of energy and labor costs, so the price of aluminum will be affected by the global raw material market.

Production cost:

The production of polished aluminum sheet needs to go through several links, including aluminum ingot melting, rolling, cutting, surface treatment, etc. Each link needs to consume a lot of energy and labor cost, so the production cost will directly affect the price of mirror polished aluminum sheet.

Market demand:

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, aluminum in the construction, automobile, electronics and other fields of application is more and more widely, so the increase in market demand will lead to the price of polished aluminium sheet.

In addition, the specification size, thickness, surface treatment process will also have an impact on the polished aluminium sheet price. Generally speaking, the larger the specification, the greater the thickness of the mirror aluminum sheet price is higher; and the complexity of the surface treatment process will also affect the cost of production, thus affecting the price.


In conclusion, the polished aluminum sheet price is affected by many factors, it is recommended to choose the suitable mirror aluminum sheet according to your needs and budget, and cooperate with regular manufacturers or distributors to ensure the reliability of quality and after-sales service.