15 Oct 2021
October 15, 2021

Polished Aluminum Sheet Metal Factory

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Haomei Aluminum is a famous polished aluminum sheet metal factory in China, we do export trade to over 30 countries all over the world. China has become one of the largest energy producers and consumers in the world. On the one hand, fossil energy is still the mainstay of China’s energy consumption, and the dependence on crude oil and natural gas continues to increase, bringing hidden dangers to China’s energy security. On the other hand, the role of clean energy replacement of renewable energy is becoming increasingly prominent. How to use renewable energy is an important issue, and solar collectors can make good use of solar energy, which is welcomed by many people. The mirror polished aluminum sheet metal also plays an important role in the heat collection.

polished aluminum sheet metal factory

A solar collector is a device that converts the radiant energy of the sun into heat. Because solar energy is relatively scattered, we must try to concentrate it. Therefore, the collector is a key part of various solar energy devices. Due to different uses, collectors and their matching system types are divided into many types, with different names, such as solar cookers for cooking, solar water heaters for producing hot water, solar dryers for drying items, and Solar furnaces for smelting metals, as well as solar houses, solar thermal power stations, etc. The heat of the sun is collected and stored through a special device, and this energy is used in daily life. The manufacture of these collectors also requires the participation of polished aluminum sheet.


Mirror aluminum sheet is produced by polished aluminum sheet metal factory that can focus heat after complex rolling and polishing. The efficiency of heat collection will be higher, and it will also reduce energy consumption. Its anti-rust, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent weather resistance are also in line with the working environment of the collector, so it is also widely used in collectors. Now some solar water heaters we have seen have considerable part is the use of mirrored aluminum plates.