16 Dec 2022
December 16, 2022

Mirror Alu Products

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In recent years, with the innovation and development of technology, the reflectivity and surface color of mirror alu products have been rapidly developed. In the visual effect design of modern architectural landscapes, mirror alu sheets material elements are an indispensable part. Special materials are used to enable the dialogue, reflection and mirroring between the building and the space, creating a magical space effect and forming a unique space experience. In the hands of designers, the playing methods of mirror sheets materials are constantly enriched. Today, I will introduce several commonly used mirror alu sheets materials to you, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Mirror alu

Mirror alu is a material of mirror treated aluminum sheet coil. In order to make the aluminum sheet have a mirror effect, there are generally processing methods such as polishing, coating, and rolling. After the mirror surface of the aluminum sheet is processed, the mirror aluminum sheet needs to undergo secondary processing of surface oxidation. Aluminum mirror sheets have different processes from low to high, including polished mirror aluminum, imported polished mirror aluminum, anodized mirror aluminum, super mirror aluminum, etc. Generally speaking, mirror alu sheets are made of coils and plates by rolling. Rolled mirror aluminum has better mirror effect and higher price than ordinary aluminum sheet. After the surface is anodized for the second time, the degree of maintenance of the mirror effect will be higher, and the mirror rate without the second time will become lower and lower with time. The mirror aluminum sheet is just a general term. According to the high, medium and low mirror surface of the alu sheet surface, it can be divided into standard mirror surface, high mirror surface and super mirror surface. The reflectivity of the mirror aluminum sheet is generally 90%. The color of the aluminum mirror sheets can be divided into two categories: basic color and metallic color. The basic colors are Chinese red, orange, green and other colors. Metallic colors are: Champagne, Copper, Rose Gold, Light Bronze, Dark Bronze, etc.


Mirror alu are widely used in reflective surfaces of lighting fixtures, decoration, hardware signs and other fields. The mirror aluminum sheet surface can form a reflection, the surrounding scenery can be projected through the mirror, and the real content can be reflected in the form of void. In landscape design, mirror design can be added to expand the space, enhance the highlights of the scene, and form a sense of technology and future. However, if it is used improperly, it will also cause negative effects such as light pollution, easy scratches, and beautiful appearance, and it needs to be strengthened in later maintenance. Of course, mirror aluminum should not be used too much, because it will bring tension to people and cause a bad sense of space experience.