27 Nov 2023
November 27, 2023

Light Reflective Aluminium Sheet

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Light reflective aluminium sheet is a kind of mirror finish aluminum sheet which adopts high-quality aluminum alloy sheet as the substrate, formed by polishing, anodizing and other technologies. The surface of light reflective aluminum sheet is also can be treated with special graphic layer treatment or polyester, fluorocarbon and other coatings to product color coated mirror aluminum sheet.

light reflective aluminium sheet

As the name suggests, light reflective aluminium sheet have good light reflective effect, the reflectivity of the mirror aluminum sheet offered by Haomei Aluminum can be up to 92-95%, no matter used for lighting industry or decoration, reflective aluminum mirror sheet shows many advantages. It has a variety of characteristics:

Lightweight and high strength:

Reflective mirror surface aluminum sheet have light weight and high strength, which can be easily transported and installed, and also have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

Corrosion resistance, long life:

The surface coating treatment makes light reflective aluminium sheet have better corrosion resistance, able to resist the influence of the natural environment and industrial environment, with a long service life.

Strong decorative:

The surface of reflective mirror surface aluminum sheet is smooth and bright with mirror effect, which can be used as decorative materials, such as building facade and interior decoration.

Convenient processing:

Reflective mirror surface aluminum sheet can be easily cut, bent, drilled and other processing operations to meet the needs of different designs.


Compared with other high-grade materials, the price of reflective mirror surface aluminum sheet is more affordable, suitable for large-scale application.


Light reflective aluminium sheet is mainly used in the field of architectural decoration, such as building facades, interior decoration, billboards, etc. It can also be used to manufacture furniture, lamps and other items.