Jacket aluminum stucco embossed with moisture barrier is the main material for pipeline thermal insulation projects. Because of the development of insulation stucco embossed aluminum jacket, we must have a deeper understanding of what is aluminum jacket, what are the occasions for the use of thermal insulation aluminum jacket, what kind of insulation aluminum jacket can be selected to have considerable quality assurance, which stucco embossed aluminum jacket factory is worthy of our trust?

jacket aluminum stucco embossed with moisture barrier

Stucco embossed aluminum jacket with moister barrier is the main product of Haomei Aluminum. The polymer film and aluminum jacketing roll are bonded together by a hot pressing process. It cannot be torn off by hand. It does not crack if it penetrates for 24 hours. The moister barrier film of stucco embossed aluminum jacket are poly kraft paper and polysurlyn film. After drying, it is the same as the produced one, and is mainly used for anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering.


Thermal aluminum jacketing is a new type of aluminum product material, which can maintain the temperature and ensure that the heat is not lost during production. What are the occasions for the use of jacket aluminum stucco embossed? First of all, in the industry, there can be related insulation materials. Not only include materials such as aluminum jacketing, but also because of the advantages of embossed aluminum jacket, it can be done is to wrap heat. Aluminum is such a metal property that has its own advantages and ability is difficult to replace. Why is the surface of the aluminum jacket compounded with a layer of polymer? The anti-corrosion performance of the aluminum coil itself is superior, and the service life of the aluminum coil is greatly enhanced after being compounded with a layer of polymer. Jacket aluminum stucco embossed with moisture barrier also has a certain adsorption effect on the moisture inside the pipeline.