05 Jun 2023
June 5, 2023

Highly Polished Aluminium

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In the visual effect design of modern architectural landscapes, mirror polished material elements are an indispensable part. The use of special materials allows the building to communicate with the space, and reflection and mirroring create a magical space effect, forming a unique space experience.


Highly polished aluminium sheet is a kind of material of aluminum sheet after mirror polishing treatment. To make the aluminum sheet have a mirror polished effect with high reflectivity, there are generally: polishing, coating, rolling and other processing methods. After the mirror surface processing of the aluminum sheet product, the better mirror polished aluminum sheet needs to be subjected to secondary processing of surface oxidation.

highly polished aluminium

There are several types of mirror aluminum sheet with different processes from low to high, including film-coated mirror aluminum, domestic polished mirror aluminum, imported polished mirror aluminum, imported oxidized mirror aluminum, and super mirror aluminum. Generally, the high polished aluminum sheet in foreign countries adopt the rolling method to manufacture coils and sheets. Foreign rolled mirror finish aluminum sheet have a better mirror-like effect than domestic aluminum materials, and the price is also higher. After the surface is oxidized for secondary processing, the maintenance of the mirror effect will be higher, and the mirror rate without secondary processing will become lower and lower with time.


Mirror aluminum sheet is just a general term, which can be divided into standard aluminum mirror, highly polished aluminium mirror and super mirror aluminum according to the high, medium and low mirror degree of the surface of the board. The reflectivity of a good mirror polished aluminum plate is generally above 90%. The color of the mirror aluminum sheet can be divided into two categories: basic color and metallic color. The basic colors are: red, orange, green and other colors. Metallic colors are: Champagne, Copper, Rose Gold, Light Bronze, Dark Bronze and more.